change the way you work.

The Gorilla Hook is a must for anyone working at height including homebuilders, roofers, contractors, and scaffolders. Its quick in and quick out, seamless one-handed operation makes it the cordless drill/impact wrench holster of professionals around the world. 

belt-and-buckle (1).png

Stays on Belt

Forget about drill hooks that loosely go over your belt and come off with the slightest of movements. The Gorilla Hook's belt loop system beats them all.



You need your hands free when working construction and scaffolding at height. The Gorilla Hook's latch design allows for one-handed in and out access. 

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Drop your drill or impact wrench into the Gorilla Hook and it's not going anywhere. Don't believe us? Check out the co-founder, Dave, twerking with his Hook on.


Perhaps it's best if we just show you.

"Highly recommend this to anyone who uses a cordless drill on a regular basis.."