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what makes the gorilla hook different?

There are a lot of tool belt accessories for cordless power tools on the market today. So why all the fuss about this one? because The Gorilla hook will change the way you feel about holsters for your cordless drill or impact wrench forever. let's take a look at why.

secure belt loop that keeps the gorilla hook attached.

The Gorilla Hook's belt loop system keeps your tools securely on your construction belt as you move throughout the work day. With no way for the hook to come off, our system is better than the competition which loosely clip on or loop over the belt.

easy-in, easy-out Latch system means one handed operation. 

For scaffolders, roofers, or other construction professionals working at height, free hands are important to productivity and safety. The Gorilla Hook's one-handed, self-closing latch means your free to work. Take that cordless drill pouch that takes both hands to use!

keeps drills and impact wrenches more secure than other choices.

Drop your cordless power tool down into the hook, hear the click, and you know your drill is safe and secure. Other cordless drill hooks and pouches on the market allow your drill or impact wrench to slip up, out, and off your belt, opening you up to risks of injury and tool damage.