An Expert Tradesman Weighs in on the Benefits of the Gorilla Hook versus Bungee Tool Holsters

When it comes to finding the best tool belt accessories, there are a few things to consider. It is common for such equipment to be overpriced and still not deliver the best experience. If you are struggling with your used bungee tool holster or you have already given up on finding a quality power tool holster, keep reading as we break down the benefits of the Gorilla Hook in order to help you in your search.


There are many things that can happen on site in the construction field, so it’s a matter of responsibility, not only to yourself but to your coworkers as well, to make sure that the equipment you use is of an impeccable quality. A common problem for regular bungee tool holsters is that the hook can become easily detached from the belt. This may result in a lapse of crucial focus and increases the risk of someone getting hurt if the tool slips from the hook. Not having your tools in place keeps you from doing your job, and if this happens regularly, it can be a frustrating thing that lowers your productivity and compromises the safety of your crew.

An Expert Tradesman Weighs in on the Benefits of the Gorilla Hook versus Bungee Tool Holsters

With the Gorilla Hook, you can rest assured that tools are locked safely in place. The design of the Gorilla Hook is such that it makes it easy for you to get your drill or other power tool in a hurry and it will always stay attached to your tool belt or regular belt, no matter how much you move around while you work. The Gorilla Hook has a simple but efficient design that ensures safety while you work. You will be able to access your tools with one hand and keep the other hand free for the stability you need while completing your tasks. With the Gorilla Hook, you don’t need to stop what you’re doing because of the problems you would experience with a bungee tool holster.


The difference between the Gorilla Hook and regular bungee holsters on the market is that the Gorilla Hook offers single-handed accessibility. Bungee holsters are unreliable and require two-hand operation. This is impractical if you are setting up scaffolding or performing other height work that requires a free hand to maintain balance. You can invest in a leather holster because it provides more strength than other bungee holsters, however a leather product doesn’t come with the flexible, sleek design of the Gorilla Hook and often gets in the way while performing tasks because of its bulk.

Heavy Duty Design

The Gorilla Hook has a modern, sleek design that keeps your tools secure. The product is made with a dense, durable plastic that is simultaneously lightweight and heavy duty, engineered for strength and practicality. Its reinforced structure is made to last and you won’t have to worry about your tools dropping and creating potential hazards because of snapping cords or catches.