How to Get Organized with Tool Bags

Carrying around every single tool that you own can get quite messy and time-consuming - not to mention frustrating - especially when you can’t find what you need because your toolbag is so cluttered. Organizing your tool bag is crucial for being productive. When it comes to storing your tools, there are endless products offered both online and offline that offer a solution. By now, you probably have a love-hate relationship with most of the brands you’ve tried. So to help you out, here are some ideas on how to choose and get organized with tool bags:

How to Get Organized with Tool Bags

Consider How Many Tools You’ll be Carrying Around

When buying a tool bag, you want to make sure that you know how many tools you’ll need to place inside. Keeping all of your equipment in one bag is a bad idea for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that you won’t be able to find the tool you need without a thorough search. So how many tools should you be carrying around? The answer is: Just those that you need. This sounds obvious, but many workers tend to keep all of their tools inside their bag without using the majority of them. Before starting on a job, think about the most basic tools that you are going to need and store only those in a separate tool bag. You can keep bigger tools in a separate part of the bag, or have an entirely different bag just for certain types of tools.

The Gorilla Hook is the perfect supplement to your tool bag and the perfect addition to your tool belt. The Gorilla Hook will keep your cordless drill, oscillating multi-tool, impact wrench and other similar tools secure at all times. This holster, made out of dense, durable plastic, can be easily attached to any belt and ensures that the tool stays in place while helping you to stay safe, productive and organized.   

Finding the Right Tool Bag - Shape and Size

Once you decide on the average number of tools you'll need to get your work done, the next thing to consider is the right size and shape bag. The tool bag should be proportional in size to the number of tools, while remaining as compact as possible. The bag should have a strong bottom and several sections to keep everything in the right place. Canvas totes are among the most favored storage bags for tools and come in a variety of different shapes and sizes.


How to Organize Your Tool Bag

By using the concept of the First Order Retrievability organization philosophy, Adam Savage, the co-host of Mythbusters, easily organizes his tool bag. The key is to organize your tool bag in such a way that no tool has to be moved out of the way to pick up another tool. With a solid base and vertical partitions that match the size of your tools, you won’t have to waste time looking for your tools.