Increase Comfort and Safety with the Proper Scaffolding Tool Belt

When working on scaffolding, the last thing you need to worry about is your tool belt. You should not have to look at your tool belt to confirm your access to each tool—it should be automatic. You want to keep tools secure and available at all times. A proper scaffolding tool belt can dramatically increase the comfort of your tool belt and the safety involved in accessing what you need to get the job done.

Hazards of Scaffolding Work

While there are many potential hazards to working on scaffolding, one of the most frequent is falling. Reaching for supplies or needing to shift to a certain portion of the building construction can trigger a fall. Improper safety restraints can also lead to falls that should have been stopped by guardrails and personal safety restraints. If the scaffolding is not secure, collapses can understandably and unfortunately lead to falling. But reaching awkwardly for tools should never be a reason a worker falls from scaffolding.


Preventing Scaffolding Falls

Aside from safety measures that should accompany all work done at great heights, a properly organized tool belt can bring harmony and efficiency to the work site. Being able to reach into a pouch or pocket and retrieve exactly what is needed can be a huge advantage. Tools that are used on a regular basis should be accessed easily by the dominant hand, while the supplementary tools and devices can be retrieved by the weaker hand. This allows for a rhythm of motion that remains uninterrupted by searching for the correct tool.

Increase Comfort and Safety with the Proper Scaffolding Tool Belt

Climbing the stairs or ladder to the scaffolding should not be hindered by tools that won’t stay in their holders. The last thing you need is for the drill to fall out or get hung up as you reach to use it.

Scaffolding Tool Belt Requirements

One of the first requirements for a scaffolding tool belt is comfort, with no pinching or folding to cause discomfort. There must be a tether to keep tools from dropping from heights and to reduce the chance of falling when reaching for an errant tool. You want a tool belt that is lightweight and contributes little to the weight of the overall belt when tools are attached.


The Only Drill Holder You Will Ever Need

A drill holster can be your best friend or your worst foe, depending on which type you opt for. You don’t need the headache of wrestling with getting your drill when you are working. The Gorilla Hook makes this a problem of the past. With a belt loop system that keeps your tools securely on the tool belt, there is no way for your drill hook to come off as you work. The one-handed, self-closing latch means your hands are free 100% of the time to access your drill and return it when done. When you hear the latch, you know that your drill is safely secured on the tool belt, reducing the possibility of injury from grabbing for a falling drill or impact wrench. Keep your tools secure and within hand-reaching distance with the Gorilla Hook.