Looking for an Alternative to the Dewalt Drill Holster?

Looking for an Alternative to the Dewalt Drill Holster?

A cordless impact drill is a versatile and vital tool for any contractor. It allows easy use whether you are drilling holes or tightening bolts, unimpeded by any lengthy power cords. However, most modern tool belts struggle to accommodate these bulky tools securely. Not only is retrieving dropped tools highly inefficient but it can also create a precarious situation when working with a crew and operating impact guns in high places, as a dropped impact drill can cause serious damage.

The Dewalt Drill Holster

A common solution to this issue is to use a drill holster like the popular Dewalt Drill Holster. Much like a gun holster, it secures your impact drill in a canvas wrap to prevent it from falling out, usually secured with a plastic clasp. However, this setup does have a few limitations. For starters, accessing the drill can be quite cumbersome and often requires two hands, which can be hard if you are working in a precarious position and need to maintain your balance. Moreover, the plastic and canvas construction is not the most durable combination of materials for this application. A broken clasp or a loose holster can result in a dropped tool which can potentially endanger the lives of people working below you.

The Gorilla Hook Alternative

This is where Gorilla Hook steps in with its ingeniously simple drill hook design. The no frills but highly effective design ticks all the right boxes in ensuring that your impact drill is securely attached in any range of motions. Whether you are bending over, stretching out or climbing, you can be sure that your drill is securely latched to your belt. This is ensured with a very simple quick draw release which just requires your thumb to push down the spring loaded catch to retrieve your drill. Putting it back securely after use is even simpler as it can be simply dropped into place.


Perfect for Scaffolding Work

This simple design ensures that your tool is not only secure but can only be accessed with one hand. This can prove vital on jobs such as setting up scaffolding where you could need one hand to maintain your balance at all times. It not only keeps you safe working at a height with no need to fumble with a clasp but also ensures people working below don’t suffer from a insecurely holstered drill dropping and endangering lives.


Sturdy Design

The choice of construction material also makes an improvement on the conventional canvas design. The hook uses reinforced plastic that will not only last longer than canvas but is also less likely to fail over extended use. The thoughtful design is also carried over to the belt clasp, which completely encompasses your tool or waist belt removing any chances of the hook coming loose - a common point of failure for most conventional drill hook mechanisms.

All in all, the Gorilla Hook uses a simple design to effectively solve an important problem. Not only does it improve efficiency at the construction site but also ensures that an insecure impact drill does not endanger the lives of people working on the ground. This makes it an invaluable tool for any contractor’s arsenal.