Stop Struggling with your Old Bungee Tool Holder Loop or Hook!

Safety and efficiency in the building trades are critical components of this type of work. Keeping frequently used tools on hand saves time, but the risk of dropping these tools, particularly from heights, is dangerous and costly should an expensive tool, like a cordless drill, break. When you need both hands free to perform your job safely and accurately but also need the tools of the trade nearby, wearable accessories that hold these tools provide solutions to this problem.

Stop Struggling with your Old Bungee Tool Holder Loop or Hook!

However, some tool belt accessories cause as much frustration as not having them at all when they fail to function in all potential situations. Rather than continuing to use tool-holding bungee loop holders and hooks which simply aren’t effective, turn to the Gorilla Hook and experience an effortless, assured, and functional cordless drill holster.

Effortless Use

The point of using an accessory to hold your cordless drill is to increase efficiency by having your tool nearby when needed, while also enhancing safety by lessening the chance that you’ll drop the tool, risking those beneath you as well as yourself while trying to reach it. However, when accessing and putting away your tool requires both hands to navigate loops, buttons, or snaps, the purpose of the tool is negated. Alternatively, the Gorilla Hook offers one-hand access. Grab your cordless drill, and press down the latch with your forefingers to pull the cordless drill from the holster when you need to use the tool, and just as simply, drop the drill into the holster and the latch automatically closes over the drill, holding it firmly in place. Unlike other holsters on the market, the Gorilla Hook is easy to use and requires one hand alone to do so. The frustrations of stopping what you’re doing to deal with retrieving and replacing your cordless drill are done!


Assuredly Stays Attached

Another problem that arises with other wearable drill holders is that the device doesn’t stay on the belt loop or tool belt. Bungie loops, in particular, have this defect. When your mind is on the task at hand, you need to be able to trust that your holster will stay on as it is designed. With the Gorilla Hook, this need is assured. The holster won’t slip off, making sure that the device stays put on your tool belt regardless of the activity demanded during work.


Functions Well in All Circumstances

When performing real work, freedom of movement is essential. No matter how you bend, stretch, reach, and climb, your tool belt must stay attached, along with the accessories and the items held within the devices. With other drill holsters, the slightest movement could send the drill flying, a hindrance to efficiency and safety. On the other hand, the Gorilla Hook will keep the cordless drill holstered despite any potential movement. When you reach for your cordless drill, it will be there, easy to access and ready for work. Keeping your head in the game is the primary way to remain safe and for work to proceed efficiently, so choose the Gorilla Hook for easy, one-handed, and assured access to your cordless drill.