Styles of Tool Belt Holsters for Contractors and Tradesmen

When choosing a tool belt holster, there are a few factors to consider. These include how securely it can hold various tools, whether it is sleek or cumbersome, and whether it can facilitate one-handed access to your tools. Read on for some vital information regarding different types of tool belt holsters, and why the Gorilla Hook is by far the most innovative and reliable variation of them all.

Bungee Tool Holders

Bungee tool holders are available in the form of loops or hooks, and are used to suspend tools from your belt. The most evident drawback of using a bungee tool belt holster is that it either requires two hands to operate or does not provide a secure grip on the power tool. A fallen tool can not only hurt colleagues below you, it will also require expensive replacement. Even minor, non-injurious accidents decrease a crew’s focus and lower their productivity, which can completely rule out the timely completion of a project.

Canvas Holsters

Styles of Tool Belt Holsters for Contractors and Tradesmen

Canvas tool holsters can be attached to a belt, while some belts have these pouches sewn into their design. Having your tool holder sewn to your belt eliminates the risk of detachment, which improves the safety of your tools and crew. Canvas tool holsters are cumbersome, however, and can impair your ability to perform the agile movements necessary to complete a task. While tools can easily slip out of any pouches that lack zippers, fiddling with these zippers can waste time and rules out one handed access to your tools.

How the Gorilla Hook Outperforms Other Tool Belt Holsters

The Gorilla Hook grants you quick and single-handed access to your drill or impact wrench. This is important because using both hands to operate your tool holster is impractical when working at great heights, as you often need a free hand to maintain your balance. All you need to do to secure your tool is drop it into the Gorilla Hook, and its latch will automatically lock it in place. No fiddling with clips and latches is required! When focused on a task, it’s easy to forget to fasten a latch on your tools holster, and this can lead to dire consequences. With the Gorilla Hook once you hear a ‘click’, you can rest assured that your tool and crew is safe, allowing you to focus fully on the task at hand.


Getting the tool out of the holster is just as easy, as a simple flick of your thumb will release the latch. The Gorilla Hook is also guaranteed to remain attached to your construction belt, as its reliable belt loop surpasses the clips on bungee holsters and other hook designs.

The Gorilla Hook is made from lightweight plastic that allows you to climb structures and squeeze into small spaces, all while keeping your essential tools at hand. The Gorilla Hook is incredibly durable, however, while many other tool belt holsters still present difficulties in the form of broken clips and worn straps.