Why Do You Need a Drill Holster Tool Belt, and How Do You Use It?

Drill holsters should be a standard part of any construction crew’s equipment list. These seemingly simple accessories can have a noticeable impact, as they can greatly improve the safety of a construction site as well as the productivity of your crew. With the right drill holster tool belt, your construction site can attain new levels of efficiency.


One of the foremost issues a drill holster addresses is the safety of the crew. This is especially important for construction sites where workers are working at high heights. A loose cordless drill falling for even a few feet can be extremely dangerous for anyone working below. With a foolproof holster, you can radically reduce the chances of such potential injuries occurring.


Certain designs of drill holsters, such as the Gorilla Hook, offer an added advantage in the form of one-handed operation. The drill can be locked into the holster in one easy motion and can be retrieved as easily with one hand. This design utilizes a simple but ingenious hinge that can be pressed down with the thumb to free the drill. In contrast to conventional drill holsters featuring a clip or a button that often requires both hands to open, the Gorilla Hook allows workers to keep one hand securely on the structure at all times.

Another important part of the safety equation is durability. Conventional drill holsters made of canvas or bungee cords can become frayed over time and potentially allow a drill to fall loose. In contrast, the solid plastic construction of the Gorilla Hook is designed to keep your drill safe without fail for a lifetime.

Improving Productivity

Drill holster tool belts can also transform the productivity of your construction crew. Workers no longer have to lug around heavy toolboxes and can simply attach their cordless drills to their belts. This cuts down on time wasted putting down the drill, forgetting where it went, and then going to find it.

Moreover, improving safety around the workplace can also work wonders for productivity by reducing the chances of injuries. The single-handed operation of the Gorilla Hook is also an asset in this regard as it avoids the ungainly two-handed depositing and retrieving of drills most drill holsters favor. Similarly, the foolproof design ensures that workers can move around the construction site uninhibited.



Why Do You Need a Drill Holster Tool Belt, and How Do You Use It?

Modern drill holsters are versatile objects that can accommodate a variety of different cordless tools in addition to drills. This makes them great assets in all manner of construction projects. Most tools that feature a battery pack can easily be locked in a holster such as the Gorilla Hook. One great example is a cordless oscillating multi-tool that can safely be used with the Gorilla Hook, providing you with a wide range of functionalities through different attachments you can keep in your tool belt. Moreover, other tools such as sanders and grinders can also be used with the Gorilla Hook as long as they have the battery pack at one end to keep them held in place. This wide range of tools makes the holster a great asset, allowing you to keep a variety of tools with you when you need them.