Working on Scaffolding: How to Organize Your Tool Belt

When you’re working on scaffolding, you don’t want to be fumbling around in your tool belt looking for that particular tool that you need. A well-organized tool belt is not only efficient, but  can allow you to move easier and keep you safe. Safety is paramount when you’re working on scaffolding, so here are some tips on how to maintain a well-organized tool belt.

Dominant-Hand Tools

Although a lot of tools can be used with either hand, it is important to figure out which hand you typically use to reach for a particular tool. A tool placed on the wrong side of the tool belt can make accessing that tool difficult. This is especially important to consider when you are working high up on a scaffold. A good rule of thumb is that your dominant hand will be most likely using driving-force tools, such as power tools, hammers, knives, or pencils. Most tool belts, however, aren’t equipped with the best technology when it comes to keeping power tools easily accessible. The Gorilla Hook is a simple solution to this problem, ensuring your power tools are always at the ready. 


Keeping Tools Secure

It is particularly important that your tools and hardware do not fall when you are high up on a ladder or scaffolding. Best-case scenario, you have to climb down and waste time retrieving the tool. To help minimize this problem, it is important to ensure that your pockets are deep enough so that when you bend over, nothing falls out. The Gorilla Hook completely eliminates the possibility of your most expensive power tools falling out of your tool belt and getting damaged or broken, as there is no way that The Gorilla Hook can come off of your tool belt. Because it is secured using a belt-loop hook system, you can work with confidence, knowing that your power tools are secure.

Keeping Tools Accessible

Working on Scaffolding: How to Organize Your Tool Belt

For easy access, make sure that your tools are always kept in the same location. This will help create a kind of muscle memory, so you eventually won’t even have to think about where a specific tool is located. For the sake of productivity and safety, having free hands is extremely important when scaffolding. The Gorilla Hook uses a self-closing latch, which means you only need one hand to retrieve your power tool, and one hand to click your tool back in place. Power tool pouches require the use of both hands and may not even keep your power tools from slipping out!

Balance and Efficiency

Balancing the weight on either side of the tool belt is important for comfort and safety. It prevents the need to constantly adjust the tool belt while high up on scaffolding. This saves time and allows you to focus on the task at hand. A well-organized and balanced tool belt ensures that you have maximum usage of your hands, that you’re able to focus on your work, and that you are safe while working on scaffolding. With a well-organized tool belt and The Gorilla Hook, safety and efficiency are yours.