3 Best Tool Bag Styles for Electricians

A tool bag is an essential part of any electrician’s arsenal. It enables easy access to necessary tools at a moment’s notice. Tool bags come in a range of shapes and sizes, allowing any electrician - beginner or expert - to get their hands on the bag best suited to their specific needs. When it comes to buying a tool bag, there are a few integral features that electricians should look out for. For example, the bag should be sturdy enough to withstand the wear and tear that comes with your job requirements, yet lightweight enough for easy portability. Many different compartments enables optimal organization of tools and ensures that each tool is safely secured and easily accessible.

Backpack tool kits

Backpack tool kits leave both hands free to grapple with scaffolding and maneuver into tight spots. When selecting a backpack, take a look at its internal organization. A good backpack will have plenty of loops and pockets to hold tools - but too many fiddly features can make the backpack impractical to use. While some backpacks have open tops, you should opt for a backpack with a secure zip when climbing ladders. Look for a backpack with firm padding on the back and straps to prevent discomfort when carrying the bag for long durations. Most electricians opt for a backpack that stands vertically when put down, keeping everything in its proper place and making it easier to grab what they need. Some backpacks have zips that run the entire length of the bag, allowing it to open flat with a large, deep compartment inside. Consider how easy it would be to use any particular backpack one-handedly. That said, certain things, for example, cordless drills, may not find a place in a backpack. Furthermore, they are not instantly accessible. For a cordless drill holster that fits effortlessly onto your tool belt and offers exceptional one-handed accessibility, supplement your tool backpack with the Gorilla Hook.


Leather, burlap and nylon tool bags

3 Best Tool Bag Styles for Electricians  

These tool bags are lighter and easier to carry than conventional toolboxes. Their soft sides and flexible frames also enable them to fit into smaller, more irregular spaces. Tool bags often contain center sections that provide ample space for large tools, as well as numerous side pockets and pouches for holding smaller tools. Some small tool bags can even be attached to a professional’s tool belt for added convenience. 


Soft sided tool box

For electricians who prefer a sturdy, chunky tool box, as opposed to a tool bag, there are a range of interesting hybrid tool boxes on the market. These tool boxes are built from sturdy fabric and are slightly more flexible than their plastic counterparts. They can be set down like ordinary toolboxes and have a removable metal partition that divides the box into two compartments. In addition, the soft-sided design enables them to be fitted with numerous handy pouches. These hybrid tool boxes offer some of the advantages of tool bags, such as a lightweight design and easily accessible fabric pouches. These pouches are most useful for storing valuables, like your phone and tablet, which you don’t want knocking about in a hard toolbox. Despite the transition from hard plastic to fabric siding, these tool bag-box hybrids are still fitted with water resistant bases.