5 Common Tool Pouch Problems

A tool pouch is helpful for some professionals and those fixing things around their house. It’s designed to accommodate lots of small tools and a power tool that they can carry with them rather than wasting time going back and forth to the toolbox. But it’s not as helpful as it should be — common problems make the tool pouch not the best choice for holding tools when on the job.

Puts a lot of Pressure on the Body

Tool pouches are supposed to withstand the load of your tools. But depending on their many pockets, they could have you carrying around more tools than you actually need. The tool pouch easily becomes pretty heavy.


5 Common Tool Pouch Problems  

Now, for those who wear it for a short time, this won’t be a big deal. But for professionals who wear a tool pouch for several hours, every single day, this can become a serious problem. A heavy tool pouch puts a lot of pressure on the hips and lower back, causing pain that could stay with you for years to come.

A better alternative is the Gorilla Hook. Made of light-weight plastic, it won’t weigh you down like a tool pouch. Moving around with your tools handy is painless with the Gorilla Hook.

Constantly Slides Down  

Here’s the second problem related to a heavy tool pouch — it constantly slides down. This can be irritating and distracting, and you’ll spend every free moment trying to put the tool pouch back where it should be. Many electricians, carpenters, and other construction professionals have tried a workaround by trying to get their tool pouch attached to the hip area, but that rarely works and is an even more painful option.  


With the Gorilla Hook, there’s no irritation or constant adjustments necessary. You will be able to fully concentrate on the task at hand because of its cleverly designed belt loop that keeps the hook — and your tools — in place.

Doesn’t Offer Security

When you’re not using your power tool, you want it to be tucked away, easy accessible, and secure at all times. But with a tool pouch, you can’t feel confident that it’s secure enough. Even if a tool pouch is perfectly attached to your body, the power tool still may slip out as you make a sudden movement. This can be very dangerous, especially if you’re working at heights.

With the Gorilla Hook, you won’t have to worry about this problem. Using a special technology, the Gorilla Hook safely secures your tools.

Uncomfortable and Bulky

Over the years, the design of tool pouches has improved, making them less bulky and uncomfortable — at least at first. Unfortunately, this still doesn’t mean that tool pouches are comfortable to wear for several hours. Plus, its bulky design restricts movement, slowing you down.

The Gorilla Hook has a minimalist design, making it far more comfortable than tool pouches. After awhile, you may not even notice it’s attached to your hip.

One-handed Access Is Not Possible

Some tool pouches feature lots of pockets and buckles, so you can’t ever reach for one of your tools with just one hand. This is another way a tool pouch slows you down.


That’s why we designed the Gorilla Hook so carefully. An automatic latch secures and releases your cordless power tool so that you can access it with just one hand — and focus on getting the work done.