Why You Should Update Your Old Drill Holster to a Claspless Drill Holster Today

When you use a traditional drill holster, you already know the problems that come with it. One of the biggest issues is the ease with which old drill holsters come off of belts. What if there was a way for regular cordless drill users like you to not only keep your tools secure while you work, without all the extra hassle and time wasted adjusting and readjusting? That’s why you should update your old drill holster to a claspless drill holster today.  

Why You Should Update Your Old Drill Holster to a Claspless Drill Holster Today  

It’s in the Design

When you think claspless, you might scratch your head a little. If there’s no clasp, then how does the holster stay on? With the Gorilla Hook claspless drill holster, there is a belt loop system and self-closing latch incorporated into the design that keeps tools strapped to you no matter what task you’re performing. In comparison, traditional hooks let you loop the holster over your belt or clip it to the belt. Neither of these methods has been effective, and it’s time to upgrade to a claspless drill holster that works. Our design means that the hook simply can’t come off, which lets you feel more secure as you work.


The Click of Security

Claspless drill holsters can prevent injury to you and others, as well as damage to tools and property. Cordless drill pouches and drill hooks usually don’t allow for the possibility of your drill or impact wrench slipping out of the holster. It’s this kind of oversight that leaves room for the Gorilla Hook to step in and take over the reins. With a claspless hook like this one, when you put your power tools into the hook, you’ll hear a click. This lets you know without a doubt that your tools are safe. No longer will you need to be concerned as you traverse construction sites, climb scaffolding, or even run to the pickup truck to grab a part. Claspless drill holsters are the easiest and most effective way to keep your tools in place.

No Need for Two Hands

When you’re busy working on a project, it’s always important to put safety first. Unfortunately, old drill holsters simply don’t have the design or functionality to truly achieve this goal. Having to use two hands leaves you open to potential falls or worse when working from great heights like roofs or scaffolding. Instead of being able to have at least one hand free in case of emergency or a need for quick reflexes, you have to focus on your drill holster and making sure your tools aren’t falling on the heads of those below. The Gorilla Hook is different with dedication to your safety-first requirements. It has a self-closing latch, meaning that you don’t have to stop everything just to adjust your drill or other tools within the holster. In that way, it actually does the job for you.


That’s Why You Need an Update

Change can be hard especially when you’ve worked with the same drill holster for years. However, the safety features alone provided by the Gorilla Hook claspless drill holster speak to the benefits of this construction-site friendly product. Not only will your tools be safe in its latched drill pouch, but you’re also protecting yourself when you make the switch.