3 Must-Have Tool Belt Accessories For Contractors

Home builders construction need these 3 tools in their toolbelt

Whether you’re using the simple lightweight utility belt or the padded tool belt, high quality tool belts (e.g. Klein) offer comfort and durability for the hands-on professional handyman. But a belt is just a belt until it’s equipped with the right gear. In this article we’ll look at three tool belt accessories that every contractor should have.

Bosch Laser Distance Measurer

Although they will never replace traditional tape measures altogether, laser distance measurers are perfect for quick and easy evaluations without the need for a second person to hold one end of a measuring tape in place. Bosch makes incredibly high quality laser distance measurers that can come with their own pouch that attaches conveniently to the tool belt. Ideally, you'll want one that measures up to 130 feet with extraordinary accuracy and allows you to quickly convert to the metric system if needs be. The bonus is that some models include a nifty, easy to use area and volume calculator for onsite calculations. All in all, a handy piece of equipment that offers ease and efficiency when gathering measurements at construction sites.

Makita 18V BHP 454 Cordless Drill

This top of the range cordless drill is a must for contractors and household handymen. The Makita BHP is one of the best cordless drills on the market: it’s compact, powerful and at only 5.3lbs, it’s also super lightweight. One of the most attractive features is the 18V lithium battery: it charges incredibly quickly, going from flat to full in a maximum time of thirty minutes, and offers an impressive extended runtime. As a hammer drill, the Makita BHP performs well with a minimum of 0-6,000 blows per minute and a maximum of 22,500. The soft rubber handle makes it easy to grip and maneuver, while the sturdy side-handle provides serious support when driving into stubborn material. A nice finishing touch to this drill is the handy built-in LED light to illuminate the drill area when working in dark places such as cupboards, attics or basements.

The Gorilla Hook

Perfectly suited to the Makita and practically every other cordless drill and impact wrench on the market, the Gorilla Hook is the one-stop power tool holster. The Gorilla Hook’s quick draw release system allows you to get to your drill in a hurry. With just a flick of the thumb, the spring-loaded catch is released and your drill is in your hands – no more struggling with two handed release mechanisms. Re-holstering is just as easy; your drill can be virtually dropped into place. Once your drill is replaced, the spring loaded catch snaps back, locking your drill in place and providing absolute security for your equipment. No amount of jumping, jostling or hanging upside down will dislodge your drill from the Gorilla Hook’s specially designed, yet simple locking system. The sleek, simple design is perfect for work in tight spaces and the hardy, reinforced plastic structure will stand up to the demands of even the toughest job, making it the perfect accessory for your tool belt. Read more about how it works >>.