The Essential Impact Wrench Holster for your Scaffolding Tool Belt

Scaffolders working high above the city streets need tool belt accessories they can trust.

Scaffolders working high above the city streets need tool belt accessories they can trust.

We don’t have to tell you that a reliable holster for your cordless impact wrench is vital for scaffolding safety. In a construction job environment as hazardous as height work, the last thing you need to be concerned about is your impact wrench dislodging from your holster at 100ft. But with drill pouches from the likes of Dewalt, Gunook’s Super Hook, Klein drill holsters, and a bazillion other options on the market, it’s tough to know which ones are good for scaffolding tools.

The Gorilla Hook offers single-handed accessibility making it unlike any other cordless drill holster on the market. Conventional J-hook holsters sacrifice security for accessibility and your scaffolding  impact wrench easily slips out of the open hook. On the other hand, light-weight bungee cord designs are unreliable and require both hands to operate. Expensive leather and canvas holsters, while more secure, lack easy accessibility with clasps and catches that get in the way and are often left unfastened for speed. In a scaffolding work environment, workers need both a secure holster and one that is easily accessible with a single hand.

The Gorilla Hook is an option that combines both security and accessibility with its single, easy to operate spring-loaded catch. In a single motion, your impact wrench can be drawn and ready again for action. While working on scaffolding, using two hands to unclasp a tool is just not a safe option. With the Gorilla Hook, you can keep your other hand free for the stability you need while working. No more fussing with clasps and elastic straps - the Gorilla Hook’s quick-draw system allows you immediate access with just a flick of your thumb and refastens automatically so you’ll never have your power tool slip because of an easy mistake.

Scaffolding work requires optimal mobility that bulky leather or flailing canvas holsters do not provide. With the Gorilla Hook’s simple, streamlined design, there’s nothing to snag and nothing to encumber your movements when navigating tight spaces on scaffolding planks.

The dense plastic and durable structure of the Gorilla Hook makes it perfect for the demanding environment of scaffolding work. With its simple design, there are no frills and spills to snap off or break despite how heavy you are on your equipment. The Gorilla Hook is also designed for use with most cordless impact wrenches or drills, so no matter what, you’re equipped with the right holster for the necessary tool. 

With the cost of power tools as high as they are, you’ll want to make sure that they’re kept out of harm’s way. The Gorilla Hook is not only the perfect holster to keep your expensive power tools safe, it’s a great asset to ensure the safety of yourself and your co-workers. At only $14.99 retail price, the Gorilla Hook is an investment that will pay for itself a thousand times over.

The Gorilla Hook can be attached to most tool belts or regular belts and can be used in conjunction with safety equipment such as harnesses and safety lanyards.  With that said, we wouldn’t be surprised if you made the Gorilla Hook your company’s special PPE requirement.

We know as a scaffolding worker, you get to experience some amazing views high above the city. Be sure to show off the project you’re working on using the hashtag #mygorillahook.