Cordless Drill Holsters that Require 2 Hands? There’s a Better Way!

The Gorilla Hook Cordless Drill Holster requires only one drill hand to operate. 

The Gorilla Hook Cordless Drill Holster requires only one drill hand to operate. 

If you’re tired of struggling with ungainly drill holsters that require two hands to operate, don’t provide secure fastening, or are always getting snagged while you’re working, look no further. The Gorilla Hook cordless drill holster offers a simple, streamlined design that is easy to operate single-handed. Here, we take a look at what the Gorilla Hook offers that canvas holsters and other hook designs don’t.


Conventional J-hook drill holsters sacrifice security for accessibility while light-weight bungee cord designs are unreliable and require both hands to operate. Expensive leather and canvas holsters, while more secure, lack easy accessibility. The Gorilla Hook Cordless Drill Holster combines both security and accessibility with its single, easy to operate spring-loaded catch. The Gorilla Hook release system means that you can grab your drill at a moment’s notice without worrying about removing elastic straps or releasing troublesome clasps. With one quick flip of your thumb, your drill is ready for action.



The Gorilla Hook will keep your cordless drill clasped safely to your hip no matter how active your job requires you to be or what position you might have to work in. If you’ve ever lost or dropped tools because you forgot to fasten a catch on your holster, you’ll understand how important it is to have an automatic locking system. With the Gorilla Hook, you no longer have to worry about re-fastening any clasps when you re-holster - the Gorilla Hook’s spring loaded design ensures that once your drill is holstered, it’s locked in place.



Whether you’re dangling from a harness 100ft from the ground on a rope access job, or standing on the top of a step ladder, safety always comes first. You might not have the option to use both hands in these situations, which is why you need the Gorilla Hook like your life depends on it.

Leaving your cordless drill on the rung of a ladder or lying on a rooftop is not only risking damage to your equipment, but poses a risk for fellow workers, pedestrians or family members. The Gorilla Hook provides an accessible, easy-to-use option to keep your drill at hand and out of harm’s way.




Don’t be fooled by the Gorilla Hook’s light-weight feel. We use a dense, durable plastic and a reinforced design specially engineered for strength. Unlike leather or canvas holsters, there’s no stitching to come undone and no elastic cords to fray or snap - only a solid, practical structure designed to last.



Forget flailing material or leather holsters, the Gorilla Hook is sturdy and streamlined with no frills. Cheap plastic catches and material straps snag and get in the way, but the Gorilla Hook’s simple design means reduced bulk so that you can maneuver in tight situations without getting caught up.



At a retail price of only $14.99, the Gorilla Hook is an absolute steal. Why pay up to $50 for a bulky leather holster, or waste your money on hooks that don’t provide the same kind of functionality and durability?

The Gorilla Hook is also designed to fit most cordless drill handles, so forget about expensive custom drill holsters every time you get a new cordless. The Gorilla Hook is the last drill holster you’ll ever need. Don’t take our word for it though, just read all the happy reviews from people already using theirs.