4 Tips for Using Drill Gun Holsters

There are a wide variety of drill holsters on the market. If you’re new to tool belt accessories, you may be unsure which drill hook or holster is right for your needs. To help you find the right one, we’ve compiled this list of what we feel are the most important things to look for when shopping for a new drill holster.

Know Why You Need a Drill Holster

4 Tips for Using Drill Gun Holsters

It’s not just about acquiring the right tools for the job—you also need access to them right when you need them. You don’t want to lose any time fumbling around looking for a tool. Your tool belt is the secret to ensuring you have everything you need on hand for any given project. But as great as a tool belt can be, there are still some areas where most tool belts are lacking.

Most tool belts have small pockets for fasteners and midsize pockets for hand tools, but very few can adequately hold larger tools such as a drill or impact driver. This is where accessories like a drill holster or hook come in. Drill holsters attach to your tool belt and create a spot to hold larger power tools.

Look into a Secure Belt Attachment

The first thing you should look for when selecting a new drill holster is a secure belt attachment. There are many different types of tool belt hooks available, including J-hooks, bungee hooks, and pouch style holsters.  

Both a J-hook and a bungee tool hook feature a hook that simply slips over your belt. While these attachments are easy to use, they unfortunately aren’t very secure. The hook can easily be knocked off your belt, causing both the hook and your drill to fall. Pouch holsters usually feature a snap or Velcro strap to attach them to your belt, so they are more secure than hook style drill holsters. But if they get caught on something, they can still come loose. The Gorilla Hook uses a secure belt loop system that slides onto an open belt and won’t fall off until you remove the belt.


Choose a Drill Holster That Won’t Drop Tools

Another important factor when choosing a drill holster is how securely it holds your tools in place. Safety is paramount when working on a construction site, and falling tools are a definite safety hazard. Imagine the damage that can happen on a job site if a heavy power tool falls from ceiling height.

Hook style tool holsters will hold your drill, but there is nothing to secure the tool in place, so falls can occur easily.  A bungee hook features a bungee cord that holds tools on the hook, but it can accidentally release if your drill knocks against something. Pouch holsters are a bit more secure, but tools can still fall out of them if they’re not properly balanced. The Gorilla Hook’s self-closing latch ensures your drill stays in place and won’t come out until you release the latch.

Realize: One-Handed Operation Matters

When working with tools, you don’t usually have a free hand available. This means you need to be able to access your tools with only one hand. The Gorilla Hook’s easy-release clasp allows for one-handed access to your drill at any time. You just have to drop the drill into the hook, and it is securely in place. And you only need a thumb to release it.