5 Benefits of Using a Scaffolding Impact Drill

Having trust in the stability and strength of scaffolding is a must for any job. And that trust begins with the tool you use for constructing the scaffolding. While the traditional tool for erecting and dismantling scaffolding is a scaffold spanner, many professionals in the construction industry are turning to an impact drill instead. With a scaffolding impact drill, the benefits run the gamut from an increase in safety to enhanced productivity. This multifunctional tool used in tandem with a Gorilla Hook should be a staple on every construction professional’s tool belt, for efficiency’s and productivity’s sake.

Faster Efforts

5 Benefits of Using a Scaffolding Impact Drill

When construction processes can be sped up in a manner that doesn’t negatively affect the end results, they absolutely should be. An impact drill allows for quick yet also effective work for scaffolding erection and dismantlement. The tool has a forward and backward function for quick zipping through to completion. The action of the tool is enhanced even further when a Gorilla Hook attachment graces the tool belt. It allows for one-hand, quick access to the drill. Fumble-free, assured movements with an efficient tool will make for speedier efforts.


Easier on Arms and Ears

Using an impact drill for scaffolding work also provides the benefit of less bodily strain on the worker. The downward force of the drill occurs automatically when it encounters resistance, lessening the strain on the wrist. The power of the tool makes the process easier on the arms, and the variable speed controlled by the trigger can minimize vibration and noise when necessary.

Less Damage to Materials

Yet another benefit that construction professionals will find with a scaffolding impact drill is that fewer materials are damaged. Workers can control the speed, and the tool has a high degree of torque. Fewer screws are stripped as the scaffolding is put up or taken down. The higher degree of control enables professionals to control the pace of the work, resulting in less damage and a faster overall process. Faster work and less damage translate to a more profitable project in the long run.


A Safer Job Site

An impact drill used in combination with a Gorilla Hook makes for a safer job site, particularly when workers are standing on the heights of scaffolding. Gravity can quickly turn a dropped drill into a deadly weapon, but the Gorilla Hook keeps the drill locked in place until the worker is ready to disengage the lock. This tool belt accessory works with a drop in, locked in mechanism that can be released with the thumb for one-handed access. You could ensure that the hard hat area is even safer by making sure that the tool for scaffolding stays in place.

Versatile Use of Tools

Having one tool for multiple jobs is advantageous for any profession, but even more so in the field of construction. An impact drill works with the scaffolding needs of the project and then continues to be useful once the work on the actual object of repair or construction commences. You’ll be able to keep it handy when you have your tool belt properly set up—and your productivity will see improvement.