Finding the Right Drill Holsters for Different Types of Electric Drills

In order to keep your drill safe and secure, without compromising on accessibility, a drill holster has to be designed with a few key considerations in mind. These include comfort, functionality, and safety. The Gorilla Hook is a simple, lightweight drill holder that has covered all of these points of concern, resulting in a product that is ideal for the modern contractor. .

Safety and Security

Finding the Right Drill Holsters for Different Types of Electric Drills

Arguably the most important aspects to consider when choosing a drill holster are safety and security. Your drill holster will need to keep up with you when it’s in use and cannot become loosened from your belt or release its grip on the drill itself when you least expect it to. The special design of The Gorilla Hook ensures that it stays safely secured on your belt. It is also made with a highly-durable, reinforced plastic to ensure that it retains maximum strength while remaining lightweight. The automatic catch snaps securely around the handle of the drill to ensure that the drill is safely attached to your person no matter what. This means that The Gorilla Hook is a drill holster design that you and your team can trust for the toughest jobs.

Full Range of Motion and Flexibility

There are tasks that will require you to work in tight and often unfavorable places. A roof construction project, for example, can be demanding, and the last thing you need to worry about is your drill holster restricting your range of motion. The Gorilla Hook is streamlined and stays close to your body so that it doesn’t become a nuisance when navigating challenging work environments.

Holds Any Drill

A commonly overlooked aspect of a drill holster is its ability to fit different drill sizes. Oftentimes, you’ll have to work with a number of different types of power tools on a single job, so the ideal drill holster will be able accomodate them all. The Gorilla Hook accomplishes this with it’s one-size fits all design, making it an all in one holster to add to your tool belt.


Can Be Used With One Hand

A common downfall of traditional drill holsters is that the drill is kept in place with cord or complicated clasps. This makes it difficult to access the drill quickly. The Gorilla Hook features a claspless design which allows you to pull it form the holster with one hand, using only a flick of the thumb to release the catch. This again is extremely helpful when you find yourself in tight or unfavorable locations.

Durable Spring-Loaded Catch Mechanism

The catch of this holster is what makes it different from its competitors. The spring loaded catch mechanism requires you to only drop your drill into the holster. The clip automatically locks into place, safely securing your drill. The dimensions of the clip secure the drill into place regardless of the drill’s position. When the drill is clipped, it can be jostled in any direction and it will not fall.

The Gorilla Hook was designed by contractors who have gone through the frustrations of trying to find a safe, reliable drill holster. When they couldn’t find one, they decided to design their own, so you can confidently look to The Gorilla Hook when choosing your next drill holster.