Why Every Handyman Should Own a Cordless Drill Holster

When you become aware of an option that could improve your everyday experience, it would be foolish not to at least give it a try, right? Enter the Gorilla Hook cordless drill holster.

Working with your hands requires plenty of patience as you often have to juggle between tools and equipment. Not only is safety a concern when constantly exchanging out tools, but efficiency is also a top priority. The right holster meets all the requirements.

Getting Things Done in a Timely Manner

Efficiency is one of the most important aspects of being a successful contractor, builder, or avid user of tools. The less time spent on your current project, the more time available for the next one. Not only can a cordless drill holster add the efficiency you’re looking for, but it can do so without any worry of your drill coming loose.

Rather than finding a place to set down your drill and fumble around with your other tools, only to forget where you set your drill in the first place, a cordless drill holster allows for you to keep your drill safely and securely on your tool belt, ready to use at a moment’s notice.

Keeping Your Work Environment Safe

Why Every Handyman Should Own a Cordless Drill Holster

By their very nature, drills and power tools put your safety at risk. Securing tools and ensuring that the work environment is free of hazards is a challenge that contractors and builders deal with on a daily basis.

The Gorilla Hook is a belt loop system that secures your tools onto the belt as you work throughout the day. With no possible way for the hook to break loose, this product is industry leading and an asset to all contractors and builders.

When it comes to working at raised heights, this tool can be especially beneficial as it ensures that your drill or other tools will not become a hazard to your safety when they’re securely kept in place right on your belt. You’re free to work and shuffle tools while not having to worry about the security and location of your drill.

How It Works

The Gorilla Hook allows you to snap your drill into place with one swift and easy motion, freeing your hands to work when you need to move around. Working in an environment with tools means that you’ll need to change equipment, placement, and location in a moment’s notice. The Gorilla Hook drill holster allows for just that.

  • The Gorilla Hook sits strapped into your work belt or regular pants belt through a snug and secure loop, ensuring it will not come off.

  • The drill gun rests in the holster in a way that makes it impossible to fall out. With the dimensions of the holster, there is no position or angle that the drill gun can go in to break free.

  • The holster is fully secure to the belt as well as the drill.

  • The drill gun can be removed with one hand, quickly and easily, when ready for use again.

Foolproof and Ready to Take on All Competing Drill Holsters

While competing drill holsters have limitations when it comes to angles, security, quality, and durability, you can run, jump, and twist around with the Gorilla Hook with no fear that your drill or power tool will break loose. It’s simply not possible given the dimensions and secure fit of the product.