Keep Yourself Organized with the Proper Toolbelt Holster

Whether you’re a professional contractor or a DIY expert, a good toolbelt is a must. A toolbelt will save you both time and energy, ensuring that the right tools are always within reach. The secret to really making a toolbelt work for your needs is good organization. A proper toolbelt holster will help your toolbelt stay organized while keeping your drill secure and handy.

Start with the Right Toolbelt

Keep Yourself Organized with the Proper Toolbelt Holster

Before buying your toolbelt, spend time assessing your needs. Take stock of how many tools you regularly use on a job and see whether your toolbelt can accommodate everything. You want access to the tools you need, but you don’t want to be stuck with unused pockets that just add bulk to your toolbelt. Look for styles that allow you to add accessories such as a toolbelt holster for optimal customization.

Consider different styles of toolbelts to find out which kind is the most comfortable. Some have one large pocket, while others feature multiple pockets. You want the kind of toolbelt that doesn’t allow anything to fall out when you when you bend down or lean over. Some styles feature shoulder harnesses to help distribute weight. If possible, test how the toolbelt feels when it's weighed down. This will give you the best idea of how it fits and how tools hang.

Organizing Your Toolbelt

When it comes to organizing your new toolbelt, the number of pockets will make a big difference. Some toolbelts feature a front flap with a few large pockets and rows of smaller pockets for nails and screws. Another common style offers one small pocket in the center, with larger storage compartments on either side. The side pouches can range in size from two or three pockets to as many as 10 or more pockets per side.


Determine which tools you use most often with your dominant hand and helper hand, and store the tools on the appropriate side of your tool belt. It will make working more efficient if you don’t have to reach across your body to get tools.

Add a Toolbelt Holster

While many toolbelts include a loop for a hammer, a toolbelt holster will maximize available space and create additional storage. A holster enables you to have additional or larger tools such as a drill on hand at all times.

A key consideration when selecting a toolbelt holster is how well it secures your drill and stays on your toolbelt. Many hook style holsters can come off the belt, or the drill may fall during sudden movement.


Another common problem with traditional drill holsters is they require two hands to access the drill. Many holsters feature snaps, cords, or complicated clasps to secure the drill. While these methods may keep tools in place, they also make it difficult to remove tools from the holster.

The Gorilla Hook loops over the belt so that it can’t fall off, and the latch design allows for one-handed access. You can drop the drill in the holster with one hand and then easily remove it with just a flick of the thumb. The Gorilla Hook also features a convenient one-size-fits-all design. This means you can securely carry the right sized power tool for the job without having to change holsters.