Is your Tool Hook Compatible with these Power Tools?

When working at a height, or in a tight spot, it can be time consuming to stop what you’re doing to track down a necessary tool. Having your most frequently used tools, like cordless drills and impact wrenches, secured to your hip will save time and maximize productivity. Accidents are another productivity killer, so ensure that your tool hook has a secure grip on your power tool. This will prevent your tools from slipping and injuring colleagues below you. Consider the Gorilla Hook for its firm grip and one-handed accessibility. The Gorilla Hook is compatible with all of the following pieces of equipment:

Cordless Drill

Is your Tool Hook Compatible with these Power Tools?

The cordless drill is arguably the most popular and frequently used portable power tool. It owes this title to its versatility, as it can do far more than drill holes and drive screws. Its keyless chuck allows for the addition of a wide variety of round-shank and hex-shank accessories. These include drill bits, screw-driving bits, rotary sanders, and hole saws. Cordless drills are also equipped with a slip clutch that allows the amount of torque to be adjusted, for precise and consistent screwdriving. Keeping this versatile tool at your side is essential in accomplishing a wide variety of tasks. Drop it into the Gorilla Hook, and rest assured that it has been automatically secured.


Impact Driver

An impact driver looks similar to a drill, but has a collet that only accepts hex-shanked bits. This tool is specifically engineered to drive screws, and accomplishes this single task at a far faster rate than any other tool. For example, an impact driver can drive long, large fasteners which would stall a regular cordless drill. A combination of rotation and concussive blows enables impact drivers to drive screws through the thickest, densest woods. They are comfortable to use, however, because the concussive action transfers the torque directly to the screw, not to your arm. With the Gorilla Hook, and a flick of your thumb, you can experience simple, one-handed access to your most important handheld power tools.


Oscillating Multi-tool

The oscillating multi-tool is one of the most versatile power tools ever invented, with interchangeable accessories that facilitate sanding, cutting, scraping, grinding, and polishing. These additions enable the completion of tasks that would feel insurmountable using other tools. With this single tool, a skilled contractor will be able to accomplish anything from sawing through metal to undercutting a doorway. Detailed work, like removing grout or cutting trim for new flooring, is also simplified with the use of this tool.

Hand Sander

Hand sanders are compact, portable, and ideal for working at heights. There are various types of sanders, like palm sanders, which move a pad of sandpaper in small, circular motions. Random orbit sanders sand in both a rotary and orbital motion, preventing the formation of unsightly swirl marks. Detail sanders are pointed and can fit into the tight spots where other sanders can’t. They are easy to control, and can be fitted with a variety of attachments in order to perform different tasks.