Looking for a Tool Holster That's Compatible with Any Drill or Scaffolding Impact Wrench?

Looking for a Tool Holster That's Compatible with Any Drill or Scaffolding Impact Wrench?

Drills and impact wrenches are hefty tools that require a compatible tool holster that offer you convenience while working. If you are still dealing with an old, used tool holster that doesn’t give you the needed comfort and doesn’t hold your gadgets in the right place, it’s time for a change. Living in the era of impractical tool holsters not only slows you down but puts you and your co-workers at risk.

Canvas Holsters

Many construction workers and carpenters prefer canvas holsters as they tend to be lightweight and offer comfort. An advantage of canvas holsters is that they can slide along the belt or are already sewn onto the belt, which increases the worker’s safety as they are unlikely to detach.

However, canvas holsters are impractical for more hefty tools. The flaw of their design is that they make the process of putting the drill into the holster and removing it again unnecessarily complicated. If you work in construction, especially at heights, you can’t afford the hassle that comes with a holster that requires two hands for safe use. It’s risky, not only for yourself but your co-workers as well, as you are likely to need one of your hands to stay balanced. Also, if you manage to put your drill into the holster, it is common for workers to forget to close the catch, endangering people working nearby. Being this conscious of your tools while working limits your movement, keeps you unfocused and leads to a lack of productivity. To solve this issue, many canvas holsters include zippers, but these can be even more complicated and restrictive.


Bungee Tool Holders

Bungee tool holders come in the form of loops or hooks. Their biggest disadvantage is that they don’t provide a secure grip on the power tool. Also, managing them is a two-handed process which again is unsafe and slows down workers.


The Gorilla Hook

The Gorilla Hook was developed by construction workers for construction workers. Compared to regular holsters, the Gorilla Hook offers quick and single-handed access to your drill and impact wrench.

It is important to know that you don’t need to use both of your hands to access your tools, which is especially handy if you are working at great heights. The Gorilla Hook is made using a simple but effective design. You need only drop the tool inside and the latch will automatically close to keep your drill secure. You don’t need to limit your movements to prevent the tool from falling because the latch automatically locks the tool in place. To remove the drill, a simple flick of your thumb will release the latch.


The Gorilla Hook will never fall off your belt either. A secure belt loop ensures that the hook remains attached at all times. The Gorilla Hook is made from lightweight plastic that won't crack or split and will keep your power tools in place no matter what work situation you find yourself in.

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